Craftours Know Before You Go

In an effort to make your international travel experience smoother, we have prepared this KNOW BEFORE YOU GO list of tips and helpful suggestions:

Getting Ready:

Please take a photo on your cell phone of the main page in your passport so your photo and all-important information is captured. In the event you lose your passport, or it is stolen, it will be a lot easier for you to obtain another one based on having a copy of this. You might also email this photo to yourself so you can access it from anywhere.

If you purchased traveler’s insurance, please be sure to bring your insurance policy information with you in the event you need it while traveling.

We would like to recommend you purchase a book or do a bit of online research, this will provide you with more inside information about the places we will visit, and perhaps you will find some places you would like to visit on your own.

Cell phone use abroad may result in astronomical roaming charges. If you need your cell phone during the tour- please contact your carrier and change the settings on your phone to avoid these extra charges.

Call your credit card company prior to leaving on your tour so they know you will be out of the country so they will approve the charges you make.

Please bear in mind the time difference from the country you are staying in is different from the United States.

Don’t stress with your drive to the airport for your flight. Start out in plenty of time because you never know what the traffic will be, or if there are construction delays or anything else. There are always plenty of shops, restaurants at the airport, and places to sit and relax if you arrive early.

Participate on this tour with an open mind and go with the flow. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned for whatever reason, traffic may be heavy, or the weather might not be ideal. You will find your experience will be so much better if you go with the flow and are flexible.

We are traveling to a place where the photo opportunities are great. Be sure you have batteries or a battery charger for your camera and any other photography items available that you can use as a backup.

Please be sure you understand everything in this travel package. Contact our Craftours office if your name is misspelled or if you need clarification on anything.

Packing Tips:

Electricity in some countries comes out of the wall socket at different volts, as opposed to the 110 volts in the United States. You may wish to purchase a converter and an adapter that will plug into their specific socket.

A backpack is a great thing to bring along. You can use it as carry-on luggage and take it each day we go out on our tour.

In an effort to be more comfortable on the plane, you may wish to bring a small pillow for your back or neck support to make the trip easier so you feel good. You can also use these on the coach when traveling long distances.

Also pack a small umbrella in the event we experience rain.

Please do not wear any clothing that advertises or makes any statements about anything political or with country bias.

Pack a sweater or light jacket for the plane. Sometimes the temperature can be quite cold from the air conditioning.

Our tour will include a fair amount of walking, please be sure bring comfortable walking shoes.

We recommend that you visit so you can see what the weather forecast will be, so you know what manner of clothing to pack to ensure your comfort, remember, our entire tour is casual.

Any medication you take should remain in your carry-on luggage. Please be sure you have your medication clearly marked.

Any liquid items must not exceed 3 ounces per container and must be placed in a clear, quart-size, zip lock bag. Please pack all your shampoo, deodorant, cologne, toothpaste, etc. in your checked luggage.

You may wish to bring a few extra zip lock bags in different sizes in the event you need them.

You are not allowed to bring nail files, scissors, knives, lighters, or anything that might be considered dangerous, on board the airplane. All these items must be packed in your large check-in bags if you must travel with them.

Rolling your clothing in your suitcase gives you more room to pack additional items.

Pack an extra set of clothing in your carry-on bag in the event your large suitcase is delayed or lost with the airlines.

If you wear glasses or prescription sunglasses, don’t forget to pack a spare or two in your check-in luggage.

Not all bed pillows are comfortable, so you may opt to bring your favorite from home to use and place it on the top of everything in your suitcase before you close it to keep things from being damaged.

Please limit the perfume you wear as some tour participants may be highly allergic to any perfumes and colognes. It is recommended you do not wear perfume at all during your tour.

We are a friendly group traveling together so be sure to help each other when you can.

If you are traveling as a single person, see if you can find a tour partner or join a couple of others so you can look out for each other as travel buddies. Great friendships are created this way.

Please save any complaining for the travel manager’s ears only. If something isn’t to your liking, there’s no need to bring others down with your complaint. The travel manager, guides and driver are all available to assist in every way.

Please be on time and abide by the call times so the group is not waiting for you, and we can remain on schedule with the program.

Be sure you have a post card or business card from the hotel before you leave each day, so you have contact information to show someone in the event you get lost or need to take a taxi back to the hotel.

Please do not wear expensive jewelry on this tour or carry too much cash around.

Check with your travel manager to see if you will need to have local currency, or if paying with your credit card for shopping and restaurant purchases is fine.

Returning Home:

You are allowed to bring back in the U.S. up to $800.00 per person worth of duty-free items.

You will fill out your U.S. customs form on the plane before your arrival back into the country and turn it in once you are at the airport.

These are just some suggestions and tips for enhancing your journey. Use common sense for what to pack and what not to pack. Please call our office if you have questions about anything. We want you to feel comfortable and ready to go before you leave.