11-day Quilting and Stitching Cocoon in
with Pam Holland, Claudia Pfeil and the Tentmakers of Cairo!
Nov 28 - Dec 8, 2021

Celebrity Instructors:
Pam Holland
Claudia Pfeil
Tentmakers of Cairo
Tentmakers of Cairo

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$3,443.00 | Air from New York JFK

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$2,757.00 | Land only rate does not include airport/hotel transfers

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  • Round-trip international airfare from New York City to Munich. (Fly from your closest international airport for an additional fee. First/Business Class upgrades available)
  • Round trip transfers to and from the hotel.
  • Private deluxe motor coach and driver the entire time.
  • Professional Craftours Escort throughout your journey.
  • First-class hotel accommodations in Munich. (Suite upgrades available)
  • Charming family-owned hotel accommodations in small village in Bavaria.
  • A panoramic city tour of Munich with a local professional guide.
  • Delicious buffet breakfast served daily.
  • Special welcome and farewell dinners served at the hotels.
  • A leisurely walking tour of Salzburg, Austria with a local professional guide.
  • Four full-day hands-on workshops with our master Instructors.
  • Touring and shopping in the Christmas markets of Munich and Salzburg.
  • Optional Christmas ornament (glass blowing) workshop and visit to Rattenberg and Innsbruck.
  • Free time for shopping and sightseeing in Ruhpolding.
  • A hands-on painting workshop with our Craftours artist in residence.
  • A walking tour of the small Bavarian village of Ruhpolding.
  • A Craftours lanyard and commemorative gifts.
  • All taxes are included in this package and insurance highly recommended.
Christmas Market Munich play movie
As the center of the conservative and mainly Catholic state of Bavaria, it is hardly surprising that Munich has one of the oldest and most traditional of Christmas markets. The Christkindlmarkt is held in front of Munich Town Hall in a prime location for the three million visitors in the pedestrian heart of the city.
Ruhpolding Ruhpolding play movie
Ruhpolding is a municipality of the Traunstein district in southeastern Bavaria, Germany. It is situated in the south of the Chiemgau region in the Alps. Ruhpolding has a population of approximately 6,400.
Salzburg play movie
Salzburg's "Old Town" (Altstadt) has internationally renowned baroque architecture and one of the best-preserved city centers north of the Alps. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. Host to three universities and a large population of students. Salzburg is noted for its attractive setting and scenic Alpine backdrop.

Salzburg was the birthplace of 18th-century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In the mid 20th century, the city was the setting for parts of the musical play and film The Sound of Music.

Glass Ornament Workshop
The quaint village of Rattenberg is the smallest town in Austria, but home to some of the most amazing glass artisans. This is where we will participate in a glass ornament making workshop. This glass art is used producing Tyrolean glass making techniques that were practiced centuries ago. You will learn from these master artisans what goes into creating this perfect craft and have the opportunity to create your own crafted memory.
Rattenberg play movie
Rattenberg is offically the smallest historical town in Austria, with just 400 inhabitants. Rattenberg is is also known for it's medieval buildings and it's history of glass making. The finest shops of Tyrolean Glass-Art that continue the centuries old tradition of craftsmanship can be found through out it's quaint shopping areas. This small town is the cultural center of this area, with it's museum, theatre and Christmas events.
Innsbruck Play Movie
Innsbruck is the capital city of the federal state of Tyrol in western Austria. It is located in the Inn Valley at the junction with the Wipptal (Sill River), which provides access to the Brenner Pass.

Innsbruck is an internationally renowned winter sports center, and hosted the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics as well as the 1984 and 1988 Winter Paralympics. Innsbruck also hosted the first Winter Youth Olympics in 2012. The word bruck comes from the same root as the modern German word "Brücke" meaning "bridge" which leads to "the bridge over the Inn".

The cost of this optional Christmas ornament (glass blowing) workshop and visit to Rattenberg and Innsbruck is $78.97 per person.


Textile Artist, Photographer, Author, Illustrator, Wife and Mother to 13 bambinos.

After a career as a photographer, and fashion designer Pam has been working in the quilting industry for over 25 years. She now travels the world teaching Textile Art and Photography. Her experiences in teaching and travel have been the inspiration for most of her quilts and has given her the reputation of shaping something new from the already established.

Drawing, writing and filming while she travels form the basic plans that she uses to create quilts when she’s home in the studio. Winner of the Jewel Pearce Patterson Scholarship for International Quilt Teachers. She has been awarded Best of Show in Houston and many other Quilt Shows. She's also making her very own adaption of the amazing Bayeux Tapestry.


A one day class for all levels of experience.


Claudia studied textiles in the 1980’s then became a textile designer, and later a patchwork & quilting tutor, shop owner and mother. She is a very sought after International teacher due to her being free spirited, great at building confidence and having a totally entertaining teaching style. Her schedule now only allows her to make one exhibition standard quilt per year. From traditional patchwork to one-of-a-kind jaw dropping show quilts, Claudia Pfeil is quickly becoming the go to instructor for everything silk. If her Krefeld, Germany studio wall lined with ribbons isn’t proof enough, you must simply talk with Claudia for only a few minutes to understand just how much she loves sharing her passion for quilting with the world. Claudia’s quilts can be found at major worldwide shows including Festival of Quilts, Houston & Paducah.


Learn Claudia Pfeil´s method for creating art quilts using unique circles of silk. Craft your own individual designs on circles - prepared for applique after coloring with ink pens and Ecco Pigment pens.

Kit includes:

  • 6 Ink Pens (more are available),
  • 1 Ecco Pigment Marker,
  • silk,
  • freezer paper,
  • handout/booklet

General supplies: Irons + boards

Student's supplies:

  • Paper and fabric scissor,
  • paper for drawing,
  • pens,
  • scetchbook,
  • Elmar´s Glue pen


“Stitch from the Heart”

Tentmakers of Cairo

The subject line is not from Middle America in a conversation about quilting. It is a translated quote from an elderly, non-English speaking Egyptian who was bemoaning the changes in his profession.

Since the first leather tent found in a 21st Dynasty tomb by archaeologists, “the walls covered with twisting flowers  and leaves, and the ceiling with stars,” Egyptians have been known for spectacular tents. While the outsides have been dull cotton canvas, the insides have been covered with applique. There are tents shown in the Rameses panel at Abu Simbel, and Paul in the Bible was a tentmaker.

As times have changes the tents have also changed. Linen replaced the original leather, and then cotton as it became common in Egypt. It is more common now to use vertical panels to signify a ceremony. Traditional panels are each five metres high, and three metres wide. One man makes one piece with fine and beautiful applique. Panels are used for all sorts of ceremonies – from weddings and henna parties, Ramadan eating areas, diplomatic functions, funerals, and street celebrations.  Surprisingly there is no difference in the patterns used from sad occasions like funerals to the joyful celebrations of weddings.

The men who hand stitch the work are called Khayamiya (Tentmakers of Cairo) – which is also the word for tents. The work has a lot in common with quilts. It is needle-turned applique, where the cotton canvas takes the place of batting and there is a background fabric tacked onto it, then sometimes several other background colours, and finally the wonderful patterns. Technically it is three or more layers joined together by stitch. A good stitcher catches the top of the cotton canvas but does not go all the way through it as the canvas is used in the way that a hand quilter uses an underneath thimble – to turn and deflect the stitch - so the stitches are almost invisible.

One of our master stitchers such as Ahmed Naguib learned to stitch from his father. He loves what he does. He says that stitching and watching colours twist and turn under your hands, using good stitches and fine work is a joy and a delight. He has watched with dismay as cheaper printed cloth has started to take over the markets, and is used to make the screens which used to be hand appliqued. It has meant that their market has changed. A craft that for centuries has been well supported has drifted into despair. People wanting screens for a wedding or funeral will hire or buy the printed ones, rather than spend a lot on handmade work. Young men who started in tentmaking have drifted away again as they cannot make enough money to feed their families. In searching for new markets the work has become smaller and more suited for homes and houses.

In an odd contradiction, the work has also become finer and more beautifully done. Previously a man was not paid until he handed over his five by three metre screen. It meant that they worked roughly and at speed as fine quality was not an issue – how it looked from a distance in a street was all that mattered. A big piece could take five to six months to stitch and in all that time there was no income for the family so speed was imperative.

Now that they are trying to sell to local residents and foreigners in the city beautiful work is important as people peer carefully at the stitching. They get little local support as Egyptians are not interested in the work. It is seen as rough, peasant work and not something for homes in cities. Its connections to funerals means that is also seen as bad luck and Egyptians do not want the work in their homes.

Tentmakers of Cairo shared in several overseas events such as;  Festival of Quilts at Birmingham, Museum Twentsewelle at Netherlands, Art in Action at oxford, The Cathedral of The Holy & Undivided Trinity of Norwich at UK, British Quilt and Stitch Village,Canberra Quilters in Australia, Phoenix, Grand Rapids, Lancaster, Des Moines, Chattanooga and Paducah in USA.

So we are introducing The Tentmakers of Cairo for all of YOU, and hope it gains your admire.

You could also visit our Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/officialtentmakersofcairo?fref=ts

Or our own Etsy Store; https://www.etsy.com/market/tentmakers_of_cairo

If YOU have any enquiry or need any further information please feel free to contact us; [email protected]


Jinny Beyer - "I’ve recently returned from a fabulous trip to Indonesia. It was spectacular. Craftours certainly knows how to run a tour. We stayed in a first class resort and took day trips from there. We did lots of sight seeing, sewing, and eating the delicious Indonesian food! This is the third trip that I have taken with them. In all of them the accommodations were first class, the organization exceptional, and on each trip the local guides that were arranged have been awesome....so much planning, knowledge and information has gone into these trips and I recommend them highly."
Bonnie Hunter - I’ve been honored and blessed to have been traveling with Craftours over the past several years as a teacher, lecturer and as a tour escort. The attention to detail and organization of every aspect of the tours from travel logistics, to lodging, activities and highlights are unsurpassed. Be it a cruise, a land tour or other excursion, be prepared for phenomenal itineraries, first class accommodations, knowledgeable and engaging tour guides, and even fabulous and fun bus drivers (land tour) who will give you the trip of a life time. This is the stuff that travel dreams are made of. These are memories that will last a life time. The folks I have met while traveling with Craftours have become friends for life. There are Sew Many Places to see! There are Sew Many Places to discover!
Kaye England - "I consider myself very lucky to have traveled with Craftours. I have seen China, Italy, Bali, Africa, Australia, Ireland, England, Scotland and sailed the seas all while looking at things through a "Quilters Eye". All of the trips have exceeded my expectations with great attention to the details. I have met wonderful people, seen wonderful sites and made a lifetime of memories on our quilting tours. Craftours has a tremendous focus on hotels, food and tour guides which makes the trip memorable for all. I recommend a trip with Craftours as a delightful way to see the world."
Teresa Williamson, Baton Rouge, Louisiana - "The Naperville Cocoon was just what I was looking for! Every instructor was absolutely wonderful and it really opened my eyes to some great techniques. The hotel was great, food was great, and the entire event was very well organized. This was my first time traveling with Craftours and I'm looking forward to another trip!!!"
Linda Umstead, Montague, Michigan - "Had a great time. Instructors were very helpful."
Denise Nehl, Jefferson City, Missouri - "I enjoyed the classes. The instructors were knowledgeable and patient with all levels of skill."
Linda Carpenter, College Station, Texas - "This was my first experience with Craftours; I had a fantastic time. Group B was the best! We could not have had a better group. The instructors were great and I learned a lot from each one. Honoring Rosemary on Wednesday night was a highlight that I nor many of us will ever forget."
Susan McCoy, Elmhurst, Illinois - "A great four day quilting experience."
Leslie Legros, Kenora, Ontario - "This was a wonderful opportunity I would not have had otherwise to meet the 4 Amazing Teachers and of course Kaye England and Lisa B!"
Bryan Nehl, Jefferson City, Missouri - "I initially came for one class in particular. However, I kept an open mind and I learned something in every class."
Kate Schrot, North Mankato, Minnisota - "It was great. Classes were wonderful. The group was friendly and everyone seemed to get along."
Debbie Conlee, Montgomery, Illinois - "I signed up for the event because I don't do ships (seasick!) and wanted a class with Bonnie Hunter. I hesitated to attend class with Mark Sherman and Pam Holland. I am not artistic and that is how I viewed their work. To my delight, I had the best time learning the techniques that Mark and Pam use in their work. I can transfer those skills to other projects. And Pepper Cory was so encouraging to those of us who dreaded curved piecing! Everyone was so welcoming and wanted to make sure that we had a good time. I am still smiling a week later! When is the next cocoon?"
Marilyn Nance, Chicago, Illinois - "I had a wonderful time! The classes, instructors, meals and venue were all terrific."
Christine Hampton, Oregon, Wisconsin - "The Cocoon was the most amazing experience. The best quilt retreat I've been to, by far, and my first trip with Craftours. I learned so much from all the Master Instructors. It was a great line up of workshops. I can't say enough good things about this event. Please repeat the IL Quilting Cocoon soon."
Helen Fox, Blackburn, Australia - "Fabulous, stimulating, inspiring AND I learned and became comfortable with lots of ways of doing things differently - curves, trapunto using multiple layers of different batting, thread stitching and companion ruler for flying geese! Lots of extra sewing time to work on projects and some fun entertainment as well as surprises!"
Doris Troutt, Mt. Vernon, Illinois - "I loved the versatility of the instructors. I did things I didn't believe I was capable of. Thank you instructors!"
Anne Wawrzyniak, McFarland, Wisconsin - "GREAT time. The small class size gave ample opportunity for 1:1 with the instructors. The hotel was comfortable, and large enough that one didn't feel cramped in our rooms or classrooms. The topics covered by the instructors were able to be taught in a one day class without feeling rushed."
Rosemary Dawes, Bedford, Texas - "It was an unbelievable experience. Everything, the instructors, the equipment, the personal support and the technical support, were top notch. For me, nothing compares to my being surprised with the awarding of a Quilt of Valor. It was an experience I will not forget."
Rebecca Andrews, Sahuarita, Arizona - "I enjoyed the cocoon very much. The instructors were great and learned a lot."
Donna Simonton, Clinton, Maryland - "I thought this was a great idea and a lot of fun. Four different teachers with four different techniques made for a great week!"
Antoinette Susie McKelvy, Medina, Texas - "What a wonderful experience. Great teachers, wonderful accommodations, great food."
Terry Klausmeier, Lake Forest, Illinois - "The Naperville Cocoon far surpassed my expectations! The accommodations at the Chicago Marriott were lovely, and the meals served were not only healthy; they tasted great! Kaye and Lisa made sure everything ran smoothly and did it with smiles and laughter! They are quite a team! Mark, Pam, Pepper and Bonnie were the dream team -- their talent, teaching skills and patience made for an amazing retreat! I am already looking for my next adventure! "
Chris Deering, Chicago, Illinois - "I loved this cocoon. It was such a great chance to learn from wonderful instructors and make new quilting friends!"