Discovering the Treasures of Bali!
One of the most extraordinary places in the world, in my opinion, is the island of Bali. It offers a variety of unique crafts, extraordinary food, stunning scenery, a colorful culture, but most of all it is the people of Bali who truly are the most memorable part of the experience. The Bali tour we have designed for you, not only includes all of these things, but there are many extra experiences that truly make this a one-of-a-kind tour. Our accommodations are deluxe and the service you will receive from the staff and Craftours escort will enhance this even more. Space is limited and based on first come-first served. Call our office today before it’s sold out!
  • Round-trip international airfare from Los Angeles to Denpasar, Bali. (Airfare available from your closest international airport for an additional fee.
  • 5-star hotel accommodations for in Ubud & Nusa Dua. (Suite upgrades available)
  • Transfers to/from the airport/hotel in Bali for full package guests.
  • An opportunity to tour a batik factory to learn how “Island Batiks” are made.
  • Hands-on “Batiking workshop” with master Balinese artisans.
  • Shopping in local markets for unique hand-made items.
  • An optional authentic Balinese cooking lesson with a master chef.
  • Private deluxe motor coach and professional driver guide the entire time.
  • Tour of a traditional coffee plantation to learn the process of “Luwak Coffee.”
  • Delicious buffet breakfast served daily and special farewell dinner.
  • Welcome dinner, introductions, and orientation meeting.
  • Wood Carving demonstration with master artists in the village of Mas.
  • A professional Craftours escort throughout your entire journey.
  • Visit to the extraordinary rice terraces in Ubud for a photo opportunity.
  • Crafting a traditional Balinese “flower offering” basket.
  • The services of a professional Balinese tour guide the entire time.
  • An up close and personal optional tour and visit to a special elephant park.
  • A stroll through the picturesque Sacred Monkey Forest.
  • An optional visit and tour of the extraordinary Bali Bird Park.
  • A silver jewelry-making demonstration with professional Balinese artisans.
  • Hands-on “Balinese painting workshop” located in one of Bali’s premier art galleries.
  • All taxes are included, and insurance is highly recommended.
  • A Craftours lanyard, luggage identifier and commemorative gift.
Total cost of this 8-day Bali experience is only:
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Space is available on a first-come/first-served basis. Prices are per person based on double occupancy. Travel insurance is highly recommended. Land only and single rates are available upon request. Please consult our Terms & Conditions as they apply once your first deposit is made. A 3% discount is offered if the expedition is paid in full by check within 7 business days of the invoice date.


Bali Bird Park Bali Bird Park play movie
Experience more than 1000 birds, 250 species and an experience that you will never forget. Bali Bird Park is one of the definite must-see attractions on Bali.

Bali Bird Park is divided into regions that recreate the natural habitats of its birds, complete with indigenous plant life. A magical journey that takes you across the Indonesian archipelago, Latin America, Africa and Australia.

The cost of this optional tour is $127.97 per person.

Bali Elephant Safari Elephant Safari Park
Elephant Safari Park is situated in a rather secluded location in the Village of Taro. Surrounded by the well-preserved forest ecosystem, the moderately cool climate of the Village was assessed as an ideal habitat for Sumatran Elephants.

Roaming a 3.5 hectares of authentic landscape, shaded by lush botanical garden and surrounded by the unspoiled forest ecosystem in the heart of the ancient Taro Village have made life much 'easier' for these rescued, Sumatran Elephants. From the abundance of food source, the controlled environment to keep them from imminent threats, to the nudge of human assistance at Elephant Safari Park, is none but to make sure of their safety and well-being.

The cost of this optional tour is $156.97 per person.

Bali Cooking Class Bali Cooking Class
This cooking lesson invites culinary enthusiasts to step into the local gastronomy scenes and go on a journey of rich culinary discovery. You will be immersed in indigenous culture as you learn to prepare traditional dishes with indigenous ingredients, learning about the dishes' origins along the way.

The cost of this optional tour is $137.97 per person.


Jinny Beyer - "I’ve recently returned from a fabulous trip to Indonesia. It was spectacular. Craftours certainly knows how to run a tour. We stayed in a first class resort and took day trips from there. We did lots of sight seeing, sewing, and eating the delicious Indonesian food! This is the third trip that I have taken with them. In all of them the accommodations were first class, the organization exceptional, and on each trip the local guides that were arranged have been awesome....so much planning, knowledge and information has gone into these trips and I recommend them highly."
Bonnie Hunter - I’ve been honored and blessed to have been traveling with Craftours over the past several years as a teacher, lecturer and as a tour escort. The attention to detail and organization of every aspect of the tours from travel logistics, to lodging, activities and highlights are unsurpassed. Be it a cruise, a land tour or other excursion, be prepared for phenomenal itineraries, first class accommodations, knowledgeable and engaging tour guides, and even fabulous and fun bus drivers (land tour) who will give you the trip of a life time. This is the stuff that travel dreams are made of. These are memories that will last a life time. The folks I have met while traveling with Craftours have become friends for life. There are Sew Many Places to see! There are Sew Many Places to discover!
Kaye England - "I consider myself very lucky to have traveled with Craftours. I have seen China, Italy, Bali, Africa, Australia, Ireland, England, Scotland and sailed the seas all while looking at things through a "Quilters Eye". All of the trips have exceeded my expectations with great attention to the details. I have met wonderful people, seen wonderful sites and made a lifetime of memories on our quilting tours. Craftours has a tremendous focus on hotels, food and tour guides which makes the trip memorable for all. I recommend a trip with Craftours as a delightful way to see the world."
Pam Gray, Mukwonago, WI - "It was evident that much planning had taken place to give us a progression of experiences that really helped me appreciate the culture, art, and natural beauty of the people and island of Bali. Our guide, Mawa, is exceptional! I loved this experience!"
Marion Fetter, Humboldt, Saskatchewan - "For me this was a trip of a lifetime, one that I will never forget. Craftours made it so easy for us to sit back and enjoy. Accommodations were top notch, food great, and Mawa our guide knew so much. Thank you to Jinny for teaching me a new quilting skill, I have been practicing and showing a couple of my quilter friends what I have learned. Thank again for a most memorable experience."
Charlotte Carr, Seattle, WA - "It was an excellent tour with 32 people on board. I prefer smaller tours, but this one was wonderful."
Janet Hamilton, Davis, California - "I’m not a quilter. Why take the journey? Three dear quilter friends wanted to make a foursome for the trip. I had been to Bali many years ago and had some idea what to expect. But this was really special. I learned so much about the art of batiking and also about the culture. These were experiences I would not have had going there on my own or with a general tour group. So glad I did it."
Barbara Pierce , Brisbane, AU - "The trip was well organized, our needs were taken care of promptly. Our tour director is excellent, our tour guide was wonderful. I give the trip five stars. I had never been on a quilting trip before, so didn’t know what to expect, what I found was a great trip, the tours were top notch."
Bronwyn Morris, Queensland, AU - "My Bali expedition was fabulous, sightseeing, down time, and shopping. I would do it again in a heartbeat"
Joan Barto, Michigan, USA - "I have travelled with Craftours for the past 12 years, taking at least one tour or cruise per year. It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to see the world, enjoy the company of quilters from all over the world and know that I don't have to worry about anything.
I am a widow and never mind traveling on any of their tours. I have been on two trips, one in Africa and one in India and they were truly amazing. I recommend Craftours to anyone who is a quilter and wants to travel and have a first class experience."
Sue Lathrop , - "Seeing gorgeous batiks in Bali was truly a highlight for me!!!"
Charlotte Carr, Seattle, WA- "I went with Craftours to Bali and had both a wonderful time seeing a gorgeous country, but wonderful quilting experiences as well. I highly recommend Craftours."
Mary Eagle, Cambridge, ID , - "I loved my trip to Bali with Craftours. I would have never even imagined taking such an adventure on my own. Everything was so well planned that all I had to do was figure out what to pack. It was almost as if even the weather had been arranged just for us!"
Eunice Sutter, Reston, VA - "A trip to Bali has always been at the top of my bucket list and now another trip to Bali with Craftours is again at the top of my bucket list. Before the trip, the staff made it easy for each traveler. It was a "no hassle" trip! Everything was taken care of. Once we arrived in Bali the trip was one I will never forget. The hotel was top notch, and the hotel staff was very friendly and accommodating. Our local tour guide was the BEST! As we traveled from place to place, Mawa kept us entertained with information about Bali and its customs and traditions. The tours were more than I ever expected, we met and had an opportunity to meet and talk with the artisans who were eager to explain their craft to us. The trips to the Batik factories and the opportunity to design our own batik was fun, eye opening, and a very humbling experience. Further, I can't say enough good things about the people in Bali. Everywhere we went, whether it was the very nice restaurants or in the marketplace, the people met us with a smile and went out of their way to accommodate our individual needs and desires. Oh, yes the BATIKS were wonderful! I wanted to buy them all! I can't wait to go again with Craftours."
Donna Conklin, Murrells Inlet, SC - "My trip to Bali was the most wonderful trip of a lifetime!! We stayed in the best hotel, had the best people taking care of all our needs on our excursions. We had the best guides, and learned more than we could absorb on each days outing. It was great to talk to quilting people from other places, and form new friendships. Craftours is super in knowing what is best for all of us on our tours, and making any changes to accommodate.

I would truly love to do another trip with Craftours and yes, Tuscany and Ireland would be exciting.
Beth Beardsley, Boulder, CO - "I traveled with Craftours to Bali in 2007 and it was the trip of a lifetime! Bonnie Hunter and Kaye England were our guest teachers and they were wonderful. We had really interesting day trips that were batik education and just plain Bali education. I meet so many wonderful quilters in one place. Our accommodations were first class. I cannot say enough about the laughter and friends that I made. If you have the chance to go, take my advice and GO!"
Toni Baker, N LittleRock, AR - "The Bali trip surpass my expectations, with lots to do although getting sick on that trip, I developed some friendships of very special quilters that I otherwise wouldn’t have ever met. I cherish those quilters and sharing friendship with them."
Donna Ann Molinelli, Driggs, Idaho- "I have done two amazing tours with Craftours. They were incredibly well organized and yet allowed for some "off-script" fun. Stopping at a school in Bali with a contribution is just one example. I have only applause and great memories."
Missy Lawver, Liberty, NC - "Amazing. The tour was well organized and the events were local cultural treasures that I never would have seen had I tried to visit Bali on my own!"
Lani Nagy, Willits, CA - "WOW! What a wonderful trip. Birds and elephants and Monkeys, oh my! And the batiks were awesome. I learned so much about the making of batiks and I have so much respect for the people who work there. I hope I get to go again someday."
Lorraine Brown, Plainwell, MI - "This was the best experience I could have had! Learning Batiking has increased my appreciation for the art! The range of activities, the people, and the food is an experience I would encourage everyone to go!"
Amy Hyman, Scottdale, AZ - "This was truly a wondrous trip. It was versifier, allowed for free down time and exploration while keeping the focus on Batiking"
Jane Ratcliff, Phoenix, AZ - "It was an amazing trip, a true adventure. I got to see places I would never have seen on my own, and learn about the culture. Of course, the buying of batiks was incredible! Very nice, friendly, helpful and as accommodating as he could possibly be. He has obviously visited the area before and was quite knowledgeable of customs and culture."
Kartar Kaur Khalsa, Phoenix, AZ - "Batiking in Bali exceeded any and all expectations! Every day was full of new experiences and surprises! Budi & Surya were amazing! My friends & I are already planning our next trip!"
Wayne Lasson, Lake Forest, Illinois - "Trip was outstanding. A perfect balance between crafts and local places to see and free time. Accommodations were excellent - at both locations [one in craft area and one in resort area.] We really saw and enjoyed Bali."
Ellen Davidson, Somerville, Massachusetts - "Excellent planning and pacing. Just the right balance of planned and open time. Right balance of doing crafts, observing crafts, and doing other excursions."
Peggy Moore, Hillsboro, Oregon - "Great trip with interesting sites and classes"
Tammy Kaplan,Savage, Minnesota - "This was a top notch tour in all ways. They make sure that we are well cared for at all times. It was educational, fun, safe, with a huge variety of activities every day, great people, just a blast!"
Dafna Gatmon, Davis, California - "I loved being able to do a trip with Ali Edwards and taking her workshops. She was wonderful."
Stacey Hunter, Portage, Michigan - "It was a wonderful, affordable way to see a location that I probably would never have seen without this tour opportunity."
Dany Dwyer, East Bridgewater, Massachusetts - "Loved being in Bali. Bali will have a piece of my heart always."
Laura Rentschler, Paw Paw, Michigan - "Bali was an amazing trip - in particular the people which are so gracious. "
Marcia Richardson , Jacksonville, FL - "I had a wonderful time on the Ultimate Arts and Crafts Expedition to Bali... The resorts where we stayed during the trip were top notch and the staff of each were extremely accommodating to all of us as they seemed to go over and above to please us. The guides and tour escorts were truly awesome - they looked after all of us, even those of us that were not in their group... I know want to participate in another trip."
Patricia Wilson , Willits, CA - "The entire trip was far above anything I had imagined! The Balinese people are so gracious and the countryside enchanting! We loved participating in the crafts offered. It was wonderful to be able to bring home our own attempts from the various workshops! Our efforts at the crafts gave us a greater appreciation of what the local people have created! What fun to shop in the open-aired markets and be in contact with the charming people! Our daily hearty breakfasts started us out with the energizing foods that we needed to experience the wonders of the day! Thank you so much for the exquisite welcoming and farewell dinners - the celebrations couldn't have been more apropos. We LOVED our tour guide who was from the city of Ubud. He lovingly and humorously spoke of his native land - giving insights only someone from Bali could impart! The hotel accommodations were excellent - one a more intimate setting, the other amazingly lovely with the gorgeous landscaping and closeness to the Indian Ocean. We all delighted in the pretty Balinese dancers and rindik bamboo music that greeted us as we entered the hotel for the first time. I cannot stop thinking about our wonderful adventures...and speak highly of our experiences to all who have asked! Many thanks! Our time in Bali will give us happy thoughts for our lifetime!"
Sally Mack , Guernsey, WY - "What an incredible way to visit a country, to meet the people and learn about the culture. While many tours visit museums and historical sites (and I enjoy that too), Crafttours allowed us to literally meet "real" people, in their homes and businesses. And to have the opportunity to see, and experience to a small degree, the handiwork of Bali! Just wonderful. I will be looking at future possibilities."
Karen Fournier , Drumheller, Alberta - "I absolutely loved this trip! I have never traveled with a tour group before, and I was impressed with the service, the top-notch hotels and excursions provided. Already put a deposit down for the Ireland trip in 2019!!"
Cindy Frederick , Guernsey, WY - "This trip was really well planned and so educational and fun."
Betsy Martinson , Denver, CO - "Traveling with Craft Tours makes visits to exotic locations effortless, educational and entertaining."
Ann Moroz , The Villages, FL - "Absolutely wonderful! We will travel with Craftours again."
Carol Christy , Bixby, OK - "This was my second trip to Bali and my third trip with Craftours. Everything was top grade! I saw things I hadn't seen before, met new friends and thoroughly enjoyed "island" life. I'm already thinking of when I can go again.... but there are so many places in the world yet to discover."
Kag Buckley , Topping, VA - "This was a truly exotic destination. the people and the crafts were awesome and unique."
Marsha McElroy , Tulsa, OK - "Wonderful trip, I appreciated staying in the city and then going to the beach resort. Our local guide Matada was well informed and interesting. Everyone we met made us feel welcome."
Peggy Carter , Jenkinsburg, GA - "It was an experience I'll never forget. The hotels were great, and so were the crafts. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip. Our tour escort, Holly, did a fabulous job on keeping us informed, hydrated, and happy."
Theodora Carter , Scottsdale, AZ - "I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure and the wonderful people I met on the tour. I honestly loved being in Bali so much I did not want to return to the States. Leaving Bali was very depressing for me."
Nikki Barker , Onalaska, WI - "This trip was so much fun and more than I expected! To be able to travel with my mom and grandma and experience all of the fun crafts and experiences we had- it will be something I will never forget! On a side note- the price for this trip was a steal! You get to do so much and stay at beautiful resorts for a fraction of the cost! I will definitely take another trip through Craftours!!"
Pamela Blatzheim , Henderson, NV - "This was a trip of a lifetime."
Kathie Vaughn , Carmichael, CA - "Spending a week in Bali was a dream come true. You can't beat the price and diversity of activities offered by Craftours!"
Joanne Bouchard , Henderson, NV - "What a wonderful adventure--once in a lifetime!! We experienced beautiful Bali, learned about the people and their culture, learned new crafts and met wonderful fellow travelers. Thank you Craftours."
Susan Richards , Saint Louis Park, MN - "The staff and guides were great. The hotels were wonderful. I would say that the arts and crafts part was lacking in substance and was more about shopping then learning a new craft. In fact, even the expo was more about shopping than seeing different types of batiks. The batik school and going to the batik factory and making the batiks with the stamps was very educational."
Jean Cassell , Cashton, WI - "This was one of the places I always wanted to go to. This tour was so much more than I could have thought it would be. Everything was first class so planned out. I think we really liked it, as our conversations on the way home was, where do we go next."
Cynthia Hanson , Durham, CA - "Great, eye opening experience! The hands-on projects at various workshops gave me a deeper appreciation for the skill and craftsmanship involved. Going behind the scenes and storefronts makes a more lasting impression and gives depth to my memories of Bali. So nice not to spend time and energy on the logistics of the trip. Time and energy spent absorbing the experiences."
Susan Simmons , Durham, CA - "I enjoyed participating in all the crafts activities. I would have liked more time to complete the process but realize when group participation is involved, everyone works at a different pace or a different interest level."
Sandra (Sandy) Millett , Corvallis, OR - "Once in Bali and broken up into smaller groups, the daily tours worked well and were very enjoyable."
Mary Penko , Pacifica, CA - "Wonderful trip, excellent guide (Alice)! Our Bali guide was also great!"
Kay Taylor , Belleville, WA - "All the planned activities were excellent. Our local guide was full of information and the locals at all the activities were very friendly and attentive to our needs."
Ed Olson , Grand Forks, ND - "Very educational. Excellent accommodations."
Suzanne Bedke , Brookings, OR - "My first Craftour and I went because I had never been to Bali. Craft experiences were quite enjoyable."
Dianne Caron , Red Deer, Alberta - "This tour was an incredible experience. The people were awesome, the interaction with the locals was very good. Our tour guide was very dedicated to keeping us happy and healthy. She was just great. Being able to actually get in and "get my hands dirty" so to speak; beyond words amazing..."
Faye Oszli , Grand Prairie, Alberta - "An awesome experience, great to learn about and try our hand at some new crafts."
Karen Uridel , Mentor, OH - "I loved this trip. The hotels were beautiful and more than I expected. The people were kind and thoughtful and generous. The events were well planned and very interesting."
Barba Drebenstedt , Davenport, IA - "This trip far exceeded my expectations in every way. The Craftours staff went beyond the extra mile to make this a friendly, knowledgeable and fun experience. I would highly recommend Craftours to anyone looking for a fun and unique experience in the world of crafts. I'd like to take another trip in the near future."
Kathy Blakey , San Diego, CA - "What an incredible trip to Bali. I never thought that I would be so moved as I was by the precious souls of Bali! Their kindness, generosity, humility are the things we need more of throughout the world. I had a great time learning so much about Batiks. I no longer look at them the same. The elephants, monkeys, mask making, batiking, shopping (oh the shopping), massages, food, painting, our local guides, bus drivers, the food, did I mention the food? A trip of a lifetime. The trip is for anyone who really wants to learn from the people of Bali and find inner peace. Highly recommended. I will go again!!"
Doris Hulse , The Villages, FL - "The tour was amazing. We stayed at two excellent hotels, one in Ubud and one at the beach in Nusa Dua. They were both beautiful but very different from each other. The first was smaller and more of a boutique hotel, the beach hotel was huge, and very well appointed. The tours were great, I don't know how you could get around to everything we did without a tour group like Craft Tours."
Patty DeSaye , Whitehall, MT - "This trip was an experience of a lifetime."
Karen Draper , Tigard, OR - "It was an incredible trip. The people on our bus (#5) were great. Sherrill was a fantastic tour director."
Lisa Stark , Huntington Beach, CA - "The tour had a very nice assortment of arts and crafts opportunities. There was something for everyone. The amenities were very good. The tour was a very good value. I learned some new crafts on this tour, and had fun trying new things."
Sharon Sato , Freemont, CA - "This tour was fantastic. The people were truly gracious, the different craft projects were great, especially learning how to make Batiks."
Jes Ballas , Walnutport, PA - "This was a very unique way to experience Bali. I don't think the average tourist got to see & do the things we did. We got to see Bali in a unique way by having hands-on experiences with local people which was fascinating."
Carol Thompson, Phoenix, AZ - "This tour took me to places that the average tourist would not see. I enjoyed the variety of items we made and the gentle push outside my comfort zone. Our tour leader was great, and I met many wonderful people."
Karen Eiler , Moline, IL - "Beyond my expectations."
Donna Koser , Westminster, SC - "Enjoyed the tour."
Faith Clover , St. Paul, MN - "This was my first trip and you might say, a trial run. I was very impressed with the overall organization, the quality of accommodations, the crafts we were introduced to and in which we participated. In general, these far exceeded my expectations. First, a short series of talks on the history and cultural background of Bali, especially on the role of crafts in the culture. The batik day was great! Excellent teachers, plenty of time to finish our projects."
Roberta Allen, Oceanside, CA - "This trip was AMAZING! Bali is a wonderful destination, and Craftours really pulled out all the stops with our hotels in Ubud and Nusa Dua. The hotels selected were top-notch and made the experience so much better."
Shelly Wickham , Sturgeon Bay, WI - "This arts and crafts expedition to Bali was amazing. I was happy with the hands-on crafts that we got to participate in, however, I am not a quilter, but more of a card maker/scrapbooker, so the 'hands on' portion is not why I took this trip. The hotel was absolutely beautiful and I would highly recommend staying there again."
Pamela Gray , Fullerton, CA - "The trip was better than we could have imagined. There were unexpected gifts, the hotels were fabulous. The craft experiences were eye opening as to how much work goes into batiks, masks etc."
Leslie Harvill , Macon, GA - "It was a great trip. Things ran smoothly given the size of the group, 160 people!!! The Komenaka at Bisma was AMAZING! I would definitely travel with this company again."
Judy Read , Vars, Ontario - "This was a once in a lifetime experience. Exceptional guides, luxury accommodation, positive attitudes... this was a wonderful bucket-list adventure."
Janet Henry , Mobile, AL- "Fabulous trip, I would love to do it again."
Aggie Benzing , Melbourne, FL- "Many new experiences. Beautiful places to stay."
Sue Carton , RedDeer, Alberta- "Every day was wonderful and well organized."
Shauna Charron , Mannville, Alberta- "I loved meeting the people of Bali. They were always so helpful and happy. What a lovely country."
Sally Turco , Cherhill, Alberta- "This was the first tour I have taken. I was totally thrilled with the care, service and attention to detail that was offered on this tour. From our arrival to our departure, our tour guide made every effort to meet our needs and answer questions, no matter how trivial. A truly enjoyable experience!"
Sara Borr , Norristown, PA- "Having traveled with Craftours a number of times I was sure the trip would be great and it was."
Beverly Bowsher , Palm Bay, FL- "Absolutely amazing. Had a fantastic time. Would probably had not done this if it wasn’t for the tour."
Frieda Toback , Boynton Beach, FL- "Very enjoyable tour made better by the outstanding leadership of Mary Ellen."
Julie Knebel , Eugene, OR- "After a very long flight, I landed in a country that was truly magnificent unlike anything I have ever experienced. The Balinese are the kindest people and their culture and art work truly fascinating."
Kathy McKernan , Rock, MI- "Bali was a wonderful destination and the price of this trip made it affordable"
Cheryl Force , Vaughn, WA- "I planned this tour 2 years ago to mark my birthday doing something really big on my own. I thoroughly enjoyed this tour especially the opportunity to make my own batik and riding on an elephant at the reserve!"
Suzanne Brown , The Villages, FL- "Had an absolutely wonderful time on this tour. What a beautiful country and such beautiful and friendly people. Our tour guide and leader made everything perfect."
Kristin Werginz , The Villages, FL- "The workers were willing to help show us how they do the batiks so primitive yet beautiful wood carving ."
Ann McDevitt , Burlington, MA- "The tour was excellent!"
Valda Holland , Nelson, New Zealand- "Very smitten with the workshops. It was great to have hands on rather than just watch."
Ann Garvey , Wheaton, IL- "This trip to Bali was a fantastic and well balanced mix of interesting activities! there was time to relax and explore on your own as well! I could not have arranged such a trip on my own, I am grateful for the leadership and insight you have provided!"
Paula & Rich Bolan , Tucson, AZ- "We enjoyed the tour. It was an experience we will always remember. The Elephant ride, the Bird Park and the Batik fabric workshop/warehouse made the trip for us. Would have liked to have seen more of the country, ie., the rice terraces. We enjoyed the wood carving (Rich may have a new hobby!) and the painting class was fun."
Vera Lee H. , San Francisco, CA- "The Bali tour was fascinating. I enjoyed the art demos and the hands on workshops (wood carving, acrylic painting, batik printing) with the master artisans immensely. Having the scheduled events in the morning and free afternoons or evenings were ideal. It allowed me time to process what I learned and observed before venturing into a new venue the following day. Also, it gave time for meandering the street market, taking in a massage, soaking in the pool, taking CT’s optional tours, or just unwinding in the beautiful hotel room."
Jillian Jary , Nelson, New Zealand- "Wondrous, exciting, hands on. Bus 3 company had so much fun, laughter, fellowship and camaraderie. Not only was Hartana our Bali guide very knowledgeable, he anticipated our every need. Our bus drivers were skilled and drove very safely. Our tour escort was fabulous and made sure that our every need was met. Deb’s gregarious personality spread warmth and love throughout our group. Lifelong friendships have been struck. Days of being creative with new friends who supported each other and made sure that everyone had fun and came away smiling."
Mary Sandison , Wrentham, MA- "One word could describe the Bali expedition, AWESOME! But to expand, I thought the trip was well organized with just the right amount of structured time vs our own down time. Being in a new country, I always felt safe and could ask any questions of the Craftours Escort and/or our Balinese Guide. Our Guide provided details of daily life and the customs of his country with pride, I so enjoyed his stories and appreciated his cautions when necessary. This was my first Craftours experience and I look forward to my next trip, Peru is calling me!"
Carolyn Anderson, Middleboro, MA - “FABULOUS trip. Deb was a great guide. Her urban sketch class was a lovely addition to the itinerary.”
Cecilia, Malvern, AR - “I absolutely loved this trip! The accommodations were fantastic. The tours were very crafty and there was time to explore.”
Krista Labie, Plymouth, MN - “The Bali tour was my first tour with Craftours. I have been very impressed with the professionalism of the Craftours office staff who made sure travel insurance and any other concerns were addressed before we left. Our Craftours guide Deb Haugen made the tour very fun and entertaining. The accommodations were first class and activities allowed us to interact directly with Balinese crafters and artists. I will go on other Craftours in the future.”
Ileen Miller, Oceanside, CA - “It was fabulous- loved the workshops, seeing the local countryside, talking with the Balinese people, eating the typical food.”
Susan and David Simpson, Danville, PA - “Unbelievable trip. Was a wonderful and informative trip. So many interesting side trips. Loved the Elephant Sanctuary and the ride. The Ikat weaving and the Batik were the very best. AND we got to participate. How wonderful was that. Even my husband, who is not a fiber person, had a great time. Best trip ever!!!”
Marilee Marter, Monument, CO - “The hands-on workshops were so much fun! The balance of activities and free time was perfect, and our tour leader was the best! Local tour guide, Sumada, was very kind and well-informed. Every day was well-planned and easily manageable for all the guests.”
Grace Brouillette, Banning, CA - “Bali is a lovely country. This trip covered two different areas of Bali. We saw several types of crafts and participated in painting and wood carving. We made a flower offering also. The optional tours were awesome. The Bali Bird Park and the Elephant Safari Park were wonderful. The pace was very good.”
Patricia Davis, Tucson, AZ - “A wonderful opportunity to experience many local craft venues and participate ‘hands on’ at many of them; this was something most visitors will never experience on their own.”
Nanette McDoniels, Tucson, AZ - “It was a very great trip. We had a lot of fun. The people were very nice and helpful. Everything was taken care of for us. The hotels were very nice. Shopping was great. We Learned a lot on the tours.”
Sandy Rogers, Henderson, NV - “This was my 4th Craft Tour. They just get better each time. Great itinerary, full of fun crafts. Best escort, Alice, by far. Awesome accommodations. On site escort and bus driver very helpful. I use a walker and the crew made using it very easy. I will always recommend Craft Tours to my friends and quilt club members. Thanks again.”
Margaret Mielke, Mechanicsburg, PA - “We learned a lot about Balinese crafts - mostly with hands-on experience.”
Pam Schwartz, Manakin Sabot, VA - “The tour was very informative and interesting.”
April Lazarus, Jamesville, NY - “It was fabulous! We saw, did, learned, and experienced so many different things. Batik shopping was wild! This was the best trip of my life!!”
Tami Henry, Overland Park, KS - “The trip was good. Enjoyed the picture painting, the Batik factory and fabric making, the elephant park and the Ubud Monkey forest. Our local tour guide was excellent. The ice cold washcloths provided by his wife were very appreciated. Our guide Deb was good also.”

Full Package Price: $3,147.00 | Air from Los Angeles

Land Only Price: $2,847.00 | Land only rate does not include airport/hotel transfers
(per person, based on double occupancy)


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