Can you please help us help others?

During the past couple of months, I have received numerous requests from friends in different parts of the world, including from the principal of the school we support in Nanyuki, all asking us for some help and financial assistance. They have all been laid off from work, like many people around the world have been, but in some cases, they are very close to being force out of their apartments and out on the street with their families. Seriously! This is the reality for some of them, and so I felt the need to start a fund to support some of these people. I am reaching out to all of you to see if you would be interested in helping us support them. I have made a list of those who need the funds immediately, and I plan to wire money into their accounts. We will monitor this carefully and only send the money if we feel it is a very urgent situation. We will put your name down as one of the contributors, so our recipients know who helped them out. I have placed $1000.00 of my own money to start this fund, and we will go from there. Anything you send will help I promise you!

In return for supporting this cause, if your donation is $100 or more, I am happy to send you a framed original painting from one of the school children from the Nanyuki primary school who we support in our Colors of Kids program.

If you are interested in making the donation to help us help others during this COVID-19 pandemic, you can send money in any of the two ways listed below. Thank you very much!

SEND A CHECK If you want to send a check, make it out to "Colors of Kids" and on the memo line write COVID-19 donation. Send to: Craftours, P.O. Box 147, Spring Valley, Illinois 61362

PAYPAL You can send money through our corporate paypal account and that address is:

I really appreciate anything you can do to help us help them! Thank you in advance for your kind contribution.

With much gratitude,