Announcing - Craftours Culinary Experiences!

As part of our 25th Anniversary celebration at Craftours, we are very happy to announce our brand-new Craftours Culinary Experiences.

Jim West commented, "For many years, Craftours has always offered a culinary experience with our tours, and since we have excellent relationships with chefs and kitchens around the world, it only made sense to expand on this and offer a culinary niche travel opportunity to our guests."

Craftours Culinary Experiences kick off next Spring in England at the annual Cake International Show, along with Craftours owner, Jim West, will be the personal escorts for this experience. Space is limited to 10 people only for each culinary experience, which will ensure guests are given full attention in our hands-on cooking lessons and throughout the journey. Other culinary experiences will include India, Vietnam, Morocco, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, China, Thailand, Germany, Mexico and dozens of other destinations. We will also be hosting culinary events across the United States as part of our Craftours CocoonTM Experiences, a five-day experience with master chefs.

Our full program and schedule will be available in October, so if these tour experiences appeal to you, be sure to contact us at [email protected]. You will be added to our priority mailing list so you receive the information before it is announced to the general public.

Craftours Culinary Experience.
January 6-15, 2023
A Tasteful Culinary Experience.
January 21-30, 2023
A Culinary and Cultural Adventure in Mexico!
February 11-19, 2023
Get Your Culinary Kicks.
April 5-20, 2023
Sold out, waitlist accepted.
A Culinary Experience in the Land of Fire and Ice.
June 17-25, 2023
Discovering the Delicious Culinary Delights.
October 8-16, 2023
Craftours Culinary Experience.
January 5-14, 2024
A Culinary and Cultural Adventure!
February 10-18, 2024
Get Your Culinary Kicks.
April 3-18, 2024
Discovering the Culinary Delights.
May 5-15, 2024
A Culinary Experience in the Land of Fire and Ice.
June 22-30, 2024
Discovering the Delicious Culinary Delights.
October 6-14, 2024